Puppy Head Start Program

Puppy Training Classes in Atlanta, GA

Who doesn’t love puppies?! At Blackheart K9 Services we LOVE puppies, and in this 2-3 week program (time based on your desired goals) we will not only work on shaping positive behaviors such as the foundations that will lead to quality basic obedience, but we will also focus on the dreaded Potty training! As well, your puppy will have environmental exposure so they can enjoy going everywhere with you! Ages from 8-16 weeks old is the best time to take advantage of this program. “But my puppy is beyond that age”. No worries, as long as your puppy is under 6 months old, this is still a fantastic program to set your young dog down the right path to live that better quality of life with you!

Puppy Board & Train

  • 2-3 week training program
  • Complimentary pick up and drop off
  • Boarding with professional trainer
  • Extensive going home Lesson with Trainer
  • Foundational obedience instruction of four basic commands
  • come, sit, down, and place
  • Potty Training
  • Crate Training
  • Leash Manners
  • Field trips and environmental exposure

 Puppy Training Classes

If you recently picked up your new furry best pal, training them should be one of your top priorities, as establishing a fun environment and healthy friendship that will last for years. Getting your puppy trained will help your dog better understand their environment and how they fit into your life in terms of the pet/owner relationship. At Blackheart K9, we can help make that happen. With over 20 years of experience, long-standing customer satisfaction, and different programs for puppies and older dogs, we are the clear choice.

What is your program like?

Getting a puppy can be fun and exciting, mainly because who doesn’t love puppies? Our puppy training programs vary depending on your desired behavior goals, but they vary between 2 and 3 weeks of training.

At Blackheart K9, we cover all of the basics in our puppy training program. So we will be covering commands such as “stay,” “heel,” “sit,” and more. We will also cover crate training as well as potty training. These foundational skills for puppies will build basic obedience that will contribute to the beautiful relationship you can create with your new furry friend.

Nobody wants their puppy to grow up to be that dog who is still getting into things that they shouldn’t, being unnecessarily aggressive, protective, and having other negative attributes that will make owning your dog a burden on you and your family. That’s why getting your puppy trained by a professional with experience training other dogs is essential.

When should I start training my puppy?

The sooner a puppy gets into training, the better. We recommend that you put your puppy into training at around 8 weeks, as we have found that to be an effective age to start. However, we also take puppies into training that are as old as 6 months. If you aren’t sure how old your dog is but know it’s a puppy, don’t wait – get them into training as soon as paws-ible. We have outstanding programs that will set your dog on the right path, resulting in a high quality of life for you, your dog, and your family!

Puppy Training

When is it okay to start training a puppy on a leash?

Puppies that are around 8 weeks old can start training on a leash. Our training will help your dog feel comfortable being on a leash. Some dogs may be confused by it at first but will get used to it quickly and with the right push. For training, we will go as slowly as your puppy needs to become comfortable wearing a leash, collar, and the like. Something new like this can be overwhelming for dogs, so we take it as slow as possible when we can.

Leash training will cover common problems with walking with a leash, such as pulling and lunging. Pulling is especially common, and most puppies do it when they are learning the leash. Without the proper training, your dog could be pulling on the leash all through its adult life. Lunging is another common issue involving your dog trying to lunge at things in front of them, like another human, dog, or squirrel. We will teach your dog the right way to walk with a leash and not lunge or pull while you’re out for your walk.


How long does potty training your puppy take?

The length of potty training varies for each puppy, but generally, it takes about 4-6 weeks to establish good habits. Our 2-3 week program at BlackHeart K9 will help you set the foundation for successful potty training, but consistency and patience from you at home are crucial for continued success.

How much does puppy training cost?

The cost of puppy training can vary. It will depend on if your dog is staying at the training facility or if the price is based on the per class basis. A kennel training class can range from $500 to $1,250 weekly.

What if I want you to emphasize a certain behavior?

Just let us know! We would be happy to help you and your puppy achieve those behavior goals. We will work with you to find the right training package to set your puppy up for success.

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