Board & Train & Professional Dog Training in Atlanta

Dog owners know that a well-trained dog is not only a joy to be around but also makes for a happier, healthier pet. However, finding the time and resources to properly train your furry friend can be quite challenging. 

That’s where we comes in! 

Our board and train programs are designed to give you all the benefits of professional training while your dog enjoys their stay with our top-notch trainers.


Puppy Head Start Program

Board & Train

Great for puppies who need a little extra love! We focus on shaping positive behaviors and potty training.

Advanced Obedience

Board & Train

Our two week board and train is a very extensive high tempo obedience program specifically designed to not just teach your dog basic obedience, but to solidify it through high distraction levels in several environments, cultivating confidence, and managing impulse control

Anxiety & Aggression Management


Anxiety Management

In our three week Anxiety program, we’ll get to the root of the problem, and manage the behavior through fair, clear and concise communication, while holding the dog accountable with the structure of obedience.

Aggression Management

In our Aggression Management program, dog’s will learn to curb aggressive behavior through obedience and strong reinforcement. This three week training program is structured and comprehensive, designed to address your dog’s specific needs and challenges.


Limited private lessons available

Specialist Training:

Odor Detection, Tracking & Controlled Aggressions Lessons / Please Request A Call Back

Is Board and Train Worth It? Yes!

When it comes to investing in your dog’s well-being, there is no doubt that board and train programs are worth considering. Here are some key benefits of enrolling your dog in one of Blackheart K9’s comprehensive board and training programs:

Behavioral Training

Our experienced trainers at Blackheart K9 work closely with your dog to address any behavioral issues they may be experiencing, such as aggression, separation anxiety, or excessive barking. By using positive reinforcement techniques and a balanced approach to training, we help dogs build confidence while learning desirable behaviors.


Socialization is an essential aspect of any dog’s development. Socializing your dog properly involves exposing them to as many environments, textures, noises, and situations as possible, but keeping them as positive experiences. We train dogs to be neutral to other dogs and people that aren’t in their life. This supervised socialization helps them become more comfortable around new faces and situations – ultimately making them better-behaved companions.

Practice and Convenience

With busy schedules, it can be tough for many people to consistently devote time to training their dogs effectively. Our board and train combination allows you the convenience of having your furry friend trained by professionals while they stay with their trainers – giving you peace of mind that they’re receiving top-notch care during their stay.

How We Do Dog Boarding and Training in Atlanta

Blackheart K9 isn’t just another dog training center; it’s a community of dog lovers dedicated to excellence. With experienced trainers who understand the nuances of various breeds and temperaments, personalized training programs tailored to individual needs, and a convenient location close to Atlanta, our center stands out as the premier choice for dog owners. The success stories of countless well-behaved and confident dogs in the Atlanta area stand testament to our commitment and expertise. At Blackheart K9, we pride ourselves on providing only the best for both our four-legged clients and their human counterparts. Here’s what sets our board-and-train services apart from others:


  • Choose Between Multiple Training Programs: We understand that every dog is unique; therefore, we’ve got options to suit each canine individual’s needs.
  • Professional Trainers: All our trainers have years of experience working with various breeds, sizes, ages, and temperaments – ensuring that your dog receives personalized attention throughout their stay.
  • Transparent Communication: Throughout the process – from consultation through completion – we maintain open communication lines with you about progress updates.


Choose between two- or three-week programs depending on the specific skills and focus areas your canine friend needs. We’ve got a Puppy Head Start Program, an Advanced Obedience Program, and an Anxiety & Aggression Management Program.


Each package is led by certified pros who go the extra mile to teach your pup pal important skills and commands, alongside addressing specific behavior issues identified beforehand.

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