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BlackHeart K9 services is a professional Dog training service based out of northwest Georgia.

What Do We Do?

If you’re a dog owner in Georgia, you’ve come to the right place. BlackHeart K9 Services cater to people interested in dog training in Georgia.

Boasting clientele across the Eastern United States as well as internationally, we are your experienced one stop shop for all your K9 training requirements.

We offer a wide range of dog training courses, and dog behavior programs tailored to suit your needs, whether it be basic pet obedience right through to specialized working dog foundation training, tracking, odor detection and more!

All dog breeds and ages can be catered for, and as we are committed to strengthening the bond between you and your four legged best friend using clear and concise communication, we utilise balanced training methods to bring out the best in your dog.

Let us start your puppy off on the right paw, or provide you with your particular working dogs needs.


It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. Our dog training services in Georgia are designed with you and your dog in mind, and we believe in working as much with you as with your animal. We’re proud of our high success rate and the level of satisfaction our clients come away with every time – guaranteed. We work with dog types like service dogs, adult dogs, puppies and more!

At Blackheart K9, our mission is rooted in the profound transformation of your dog into the ideal companion by meticulously addressing a spectrum of behavioral habits. We’re committed to cultivating an environment of harmony and obedience, ensuring your furry friend’s transition into a more manageable, happier, and secure member of your family. Our targeted training programs include:

Leash and Potty Training: For enjoyable walks and a clean home.
Staying and Coming: Ensuring reliable obedience and safety.
Destructive Indoor Chewing: Redirecting chewing habits to appropriate items.
Stealing Food and Objects: Promoting respect for household boundaries.
Excessive Barking, Howling, Whining: Cultivating a calm and quiet demeanor.
Food Begging and Guarding: Establishing healthy feeding behaviors.
Biting: Redirecting aggressive behaviors into positive actions.
Separation Anxiety: Building confidence for times when they’re alone.
Inappropriate Urination: Encouraging proper bathroom habits.
Aggression: Teaching social skills and reducing hostility.

We’ll address any of these issues and more! Trust in Blackheart K9 to guide your dog through these improvements for a lifetime of joy and companionship.

Puppy Training

At Blackheart K9 Services we LOVE puppies , and in this 2-3 week program we will not only work on shaping positive behaviors such as the foundations that will lead to quality basic obedience, but we will also focus on the dreaded Potty training! As well, your puppy will have environmental exposure so they can enjoy going everywhere with you! 


Board & Train

Our two to three-week board and train is a very extensive high-tempo dog obedience training program specifically designed to not just teach your dog basic obedience but to solidify it through high distraction levels in several environments, cultivating confidence and managing impulse control.

Behavior Management

Board & Training

Is your furry best friend over reactive to strangers or other dogs? Or maybe they’ve developed social anxiety or separation anxiety? We can help. In our three to five week Anxiety/Aggression program, we’ll get to the root of the behavior problem, and manage the animal behavior through fair, clear and concise communication, while holding the dog accountable with the structure of obedience.

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Check Out Our Reviews

00:47 24 Oct 22
My Baloo 🐩 was a sweet dog, but had protective issues that made him a little bit aggressive. It was tough saying bye to him for seven weeks, but I got him back and he is so well behaved and so incredibly smart and able to be trained and controlled. he is happy, healthy, and Scott took incredible care of him while he was gone. The transition from what Scott told him to me was seamless, which was one of the things I was more worried about. So far everything is wonderful. I’m excited to see how much better he gets as this time continues with me. Strongly recommend black heart canine.
Fred & Pam AlexanderFred & Pam Alexander
13:25 13 Jun 22
Harrison is a happy 2 yr old lab with LOTS of energy and very vocal. We were unable to take Harrison anywhere due to his energy level. We loved his personality, but the energy was off the charts. After 2 weeks with Scott, Harrison is more focused and obedient without sacrificing his personality. He only barks when told to and does not pull when we walk him.Scott is remarkably knowledgeable about dogs and dog training. We learned that most of what we were told and have seen concerning dogs, are totally opposite of what is needed to help our dog to be obedient, purposeful and appreciated.It would be awesome for Scott and his team to have seminars/classes on how dog owners can better understand their dog. If you need a dog trainer, look no further!!!!
Whytnie Martin-SackettWhytnie Martin-Sackett
16:52 22 Apr 22
We sent our one year old Aussie to board and train for two weeks with Katie. He was a happy dog that needed a few behavioral changes for his safety. During the (wonderfully detailed) hand off, I immediately noticed how comfortable my dog was with her, how he sought out her affection and she readily gave it. Katie spent the day with us making sure we understood how to train and how to correct/reward. Our dog is trained beyond our expectations, but importantly we’re confident he was treated well. He looked so happy in all the training photos and remains eager to learn at home. Katie is very talented with dogs—I highly recommend you send your fur companion to her.
Richard RennerRichard Renner
18:19 15 Feb 22
We have a x-large puppy (seven months/100 lbs.) that needed the basics taught. Scott and Katie had him for three weeks and did a great job. Their insight in to our "Eeyore" (Scott & Katie's name for him) was spot on. He did try and bully us when he returned and knowing that going in made a grand difference. We have called Katie multiple times for direction and guidance with good results, btw, she took our call the first time we tried her. They truly have the long term interest in our boy and already have him tentatively booked for his 10 month transition.
Stephen CochranStephen Cochran
02:56 27 Dec 21
Having a large breed dog is a great responsibility. Even at the puppy stage, we had our hands full. Scott was very patient and thorough with Bear’s training. He takes the time not only with the dog but with the owner’s as well. After training, Bear is like a new dog. He will have his moments, but now we know how to safely control our dog. Knowing Blackheart K9 services will be there for us when we need a place to board him, brush up on training or just a professional that we can ask for advice is priceless. Stephen and I highly recommend them!



BlackHeart K9 services is a professional dog training in Georgia for all dog breeds.


What kind of dogs do you train?

  • We do obedience training with all breeds and all ages.
  • In our dog training program we train dogs with a variety of issues including: anxiety, aggression with other animails, and aggression with people.
  • We also train police K9, detection dogs, tracking and trailing, stock dogs, and personal protection.


What areas do you cover?

  • All of the southeast corner of the United States.
  • This includes: Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida.


What is your puppy program like?

  • We teach all the basics, like crate training, potty training, come, site, place, and down.  We encourage puppies to start sooner, but will work with puppies up to 5 months in our Puppy Headstart Program.
  • We build a strong foundation of enviromental exposure and socialization. This helps set your puppy up for a future where they are less likely to develop anxiety and agression.


When should I start training my puppy?

  • We wil l start with puppies of about 12 weeks of age, after they have had their third round of vaccinations.
  • We work with puppies from any of about 12 weeks but no older than 5 months.


When is it okay to start training a puppy on a leash?

  • Starting at 8 weeks is great!


Do you do Dog Boarding?

  • No, our boarding is for our training programs.

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The relationship between an animal and its owner is a unique connection. With BLACKHEART K9 SERVICES, you get the finest certified Dog Trainer in Georgia to train your pet for the behaviors you desire. Our proven techniques and unique approach have helped pet owners across the Eastern United States and internationally. Fill out the form below for information on our packages.