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Discover a unique approach to dog training in the heart of Rome, Georgia, with BlackHeart K9. Our Board & Train programs offer a perfect blend of professional boarding and expert training, ensuring your canine companion feels at home while acquiring essential skills.

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Board & Train Services

Envision a haven where your dog not only enjoys comfort but returns to you with newfound skills and commands. Our Board & Train services epitomize this, blending essential boarding with effective training. While you’re immersed in Rome’s vibrant lifestyle, your dog experiences a learning-rich environment guided by dedicated professionals. BlackHeart K9 uniquely understands Rome’s fabric, crafting Board & Train services to meet the distinctive needs of its residents. Revel in peace of mind as your furry friend thrives in both comfort and effective training, even amid the charm of Rome’s streets.

Blackheart K9 Training Packages in Rome

Every dog is different, and we embrace the individuality of Rome’s furry residents. Our programs include:

Puppy Start Program

Designed for the newest additions to Rome, this Puppy Head Start Program focuses on positive behavior shaping, from potty training to basic obedience. Lay a strong foundation for your puppy’s journey in the charming streets of Rome, ensuring they grow up as well-adjusted members of the community.

puppy training
advanced dog training

Advanced Obedience:

Embark on a transformative two-week journey with our Advanced Obedience Program, where essential commands become second nature to your dog in Rome’s diverse settings. From the lively bustle of parks to the serene tranquility of streets, your canine companion emerges poised and ready to navigate Rome seamlessly. Confidence-building, impulse control, and disciplined behaviors form the bedrock of this comprehensive program, ensuring your dog responds effortlessly to commands in any Rome scenario.

Anxiety and Aggression Management programs

For dogs facing anxiety or aggression issues, our three-week Anxiety and Agression Management programs address and manage these challenges, ensuring your canine companion thrives in the serene surroundings of Rome. Our trainers use positive reinforcement techniques to create a sense of harmony, making your dog a more relaxed and happy companion.

anxiety and anger management dog training

We Also Offer Private Lessons!

For pet owners who prefer a hands-on approach or have specific training needs, our private lessons offer personalized attention. Customize your dog’s training experience to suit the specific demands of Rome’s vibrant community.

 What Are The Benefits of a Board & Train Program?

Behavioral Training:

Our program dives deep into rectifying behavioral issues, creating emotionally balanced and happy dogs that align with Rome’s friendly atmosphere. Enjoy the benefits of a well-behaved and socially adapted canine companion in Rome’s tight-knit community.


Supervised socialization experiences expose dogs to Rome’s diverse environments, creating well-adjusted companions for the charming streets and parks. Ensure your dog becomes a social butterfly, comfortable and friendly in various settings, enhancing your interactions with other pet owners in Rome.

Practice and Convenience:

Board & Train ensures consistent training even amidst Rome’s active lifestyle, providing convenience for pet owners while guaranteeing the training your furry friend deserves. Enjoy the flexibility of a well-trained dog without compromising on your daily activities.

Blackheart K9’s Approach to Boarding & Training:

Discover what sets us apart in the world of dog training:

Tailored Programs:

Our options suit the unique needs of playful pups, anxious adults, and every dog in between. Find a program that perfectly matches your dog’s personality and training requirements.

Professional Trainers:

Experience, passion, and expertise define our trainers, ensuring personalized attention for each dog. Trust your furry friend in the hands of professionals who genuinely care about their well-being.

Transparent Communication:

Stay updated about your dog’s progress from initial consultation to program completion, keeping you informed every step of the way. We believe in open and honest communication, making you an active participant in your dog’s training journey.

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