Dog Training In Marietta, Georgia

Blackheart K9 is proud to offer the best dog training services in the Marietta, Georgia area.

A well-trained, properly socialized dog will be happier, safer, and healthier. It’s the ultimate way to show your dog that you love and care for them.

Proper training isn’t just about a well-behaved dog though! While that’s always a good thing, training your dog is about ensuring you build a strong bond. A strong bond ensures that your dog will listen in every scenario – keeping them and you safe.

Blackheart K9 wants to ensure that our Marietta, GA neighbors have access to the best dog training available. Read below to learn more about our services – and how we’re different!

Our Dog Training Services

Puppy Head Start Program:

Shape your new puppy’s life from day one with our Puppy Head Start Program. This offering teaches positive behaviors and emphasizes potty training – a crucial first step toward a healthy life for your dog.

puppy training
Advanced Dog Training<br />

Advanced Obedience Board & Train:

Dogs are fast learners! Once they’ve mastered the basics, your pup will be ready to experience our Advanced Obedience Program. This 2 week Board and Train will focus on behaviors like come, sit, stay, and more. Impulse control is a big part of your puppy’s life, and it all starts here!

Anxiety Management:

Dogs can suffer from anxiety too, and helping them manage and overcome it requires a special touch. In Blackheart K9’s Anxiety Management Service, we help you identify and overcome your dog’s anxiety. Your expert trainer will hone in on the stimuli causing distress, help control reactive behavior, and much more.

anxiety training for dogs
dog going through aggression training

Aggression Management:

Dog aggression is often misunderstood, which is why our Aggression Management Service is such a game changer. Our expert trainers can word with you to manage your dog’s aggression, redirect its energy, and ensure safety and harmony in your home.

Private Lessons:

Interested in private lessons for your puppy? Ask us about our limited availability one-on-one training option.

private puppy lessons

Why Choose Blackheart K9?

We understand you have choices when it comes to training your beloved dog, but we’re confident that Blackheart K9 is the best choice in the Marietta area.


All of our trainers are experts – and are highly professional when handling your canine.

Here’s what some of your neighbors have said about us:

Five Stars
“Rest assured Blackheart K9 is totally worth it. This is a safe place run by caring and knowledgeable people. They totally changed my dog in a month. He is more confident and happy. It was worth every penny” – Stefania Mack


Five Stars
“Our dog is trained beyond our expectations, but importantly we’re confident he was treated well. He looked so happy in all the training photos and remains eager to learn at home.” – Whytnie Martin-Sackett

Blackheart K9’s structured and bond-oriented training programs can transform a dog’s behavior like you’ve never imagined.

If you’ve always dreamed of having a well-behaved, loving dog in your home, don’t risk training with less than the best. A well-behaved dog makes a great family member, will be by your side to create lifelong memories, and will add that extra bit of love to each and every day.

Our structured training programs are designed and tested with all kinds of dogs – including high-energy, purebred dogs who need lots of care.

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If you’re in the Marietta, Georgia area and are ready to teach your dog some new tricks, reach out to Blackheart K9. Our effective, professional dog training services are exactly what you need to improve your dog’s behavior and support a long, happy life.

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