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Every dog owner can attest to the delight a well-trained canine companion brings into a household. A dog that’s obedient, respectful, and sociable enhances the bond between pet and owner, making everyday interactions smoother and more enjoyable. Yet, for many, finding the time and appropriate resources to instill these desired behaviors can be a hurdle, often leading to undesirable habits and strained relationships.

Transforming the Canine Experience, One Dog at a Time

Understanding the unique challenges faced by dog owners, Blackheart K9 steps in to offer a solution. Our board and train programs provide a holistic training experience that benefits both the dog and the owner. While your furry friend spends time with our seasoned trainers, you can rest assured that they are receiving premium care and education tailored to their specific needs. Whether it’s mastering basic commands, refining etiquette, or addressing specific behavioral issues, Blackheart K9 has it covered.

Blackheart K9 Training Packages in Knoxville

Crafting Programs to Meet Every Dog’s Needs

Every dog is different, just as every human is. Recognizing this, we’ve designed a range of programs tailored to meet specific needs: 

Puppy Head Start Program

Laying the Foundation for a Lifetime
Puppies are bundles of energy and curiosity. Our Puppy Head Start Program is designed to channel this energy into positive behavior shaping and essential potty training. Ensuring that your little one starts on the right paw, this program introduces them to the basics of obedience in an encouraging and nurturing environment.

puppy training
Obedience training

Advanced Obedience:

Taking Training to the Next Level
Not just your regular obedience course, our two-week Advanced Obedience Program is a high-tempo regimen designed to instill lasting obedience even amidst distractions. Beyond teaching basic commands, we aim to cultivate confidence and regulate impulse control, prepping your dog to remain composed across varying environments.

Anxiety and Aggression Management programs

For canines demonstrating signs of unease, nervousness, or aggressive behavior, we provide tailored three-week courses tailored to mitigate these concerns.

Anxiety Management: Our expert trainers dig deep to identify underlying triggers, employing clear dialogue and systematic obedience training to aid your canine in navigating and alleviating their stress.

Aggression Management: By harnessing the power of obedience exercises and potent positive reinforcement techniques, we coach canines to temper their aggressive instincts, making them more approachable and adaptive in potentially provocative scenarios.

Dog training

We Also Offer Private Lessons!

For those who value a tailored approach, our exclusive Private Lessons are the perfect solution. Benefit from dedicated one-on-one sessions, honing in on your pet’s unique training needs. Our expert trainers collaborate with you directly, ensuring every concern is tackled with precision and care.

 Is Board and Train Worth It?

An Investment in Your Dog’s Future

Contemplating the value of a board and train program? Consider these transformative benefits:

Behavioral Training:

Shaping a Well-Behaved Companion
Behavioral issues can strain the bond between pet and owner. At Blackheart K9, our adept trainers address concerns like aggression, separation anxiety, and excessive barking. Utilizing positive reinforcement techniques and a balanced training approach, we help dogs replace undesirable behaviors with constructive ones.


Crafting Confident and Adaptable Canines
Proper socialization equips dogs to navigate diverse environments and interactions confidently. Our program emphasizes exposing dogs to a variety of experiences, ensuring these are positive to build assurance. By training dogs to remain neutral towards unfamiliar faces and situations, we mold them into adaptable and well-behaved companions.

Practice and Convenience:

Quality Training, Stress-Free for You
Busy lives can mean less time for consistent training. Our board and train program solves this dilemma. While you manage your daily responsibilities, your dog enjoys an immersive training experience with our professionals, ensuring they receive undivided attention and expert guidance.

Blackheart K9’s Approach to Boarding & Training:

A Pledge of Excellence and Personalization

What sets Blackheart K9 apart? Our unwavering commitment to both canine and owner:

Variety of Training Programs:

Catering to Each Dog’s Uniqueness
Recognizing that every dog has its own needs, challenges, and quirks, we offer varied programs tailored to suit these unique requirements.


Professional Trainers:

Years of Expertise, A Passion for Canines
Our trainers are seasoned professionals, well-versed in handling diverse breeds, ages, and temperaments. Every dog under our care receives personalized attention, ensuring optimal training outcomes.


Transparent Communication:

Keeping You in the Loop
Training is a journey, and we believe owners should be a part of it. From consultation to completion, we maintain open communication, updating you on progress, achievements, and areas of focus.

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