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For every dog owner, a well-trained companion isn’t just a source of pride, but an embodiment of joy, loyalty, and security. However, many face challenges when it comes to properly nurturing and training their furry friends, often due to busy schedules, lack of resources, or simply not knowing the best training methods.

Enter Blackheart K9, your solution to these challenges. With our Board & Train programs, we blend the comforts of professional boarding with the efficiency of expert training, ensuring your pet feels at home while learning essential skills.

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Board & Train Services: Training with Convenience

Imagine a place where your dog doesn’t only get a comfortable stay but also returns to you having learned vital skills and commands. That’s the essence of our Board & Train services. We combine the two essential needs of busy pet owners: boarding their beloved pets and ensuring they are well-trained. While you’re away, your dog isn’t just idly waiting; they’re engaging in a productive, learning-rich environment, cared for by professionals who treat them as their own.

Blackheart K9 Training Packages in Chattanooga

Every dog is different, just as every human is. Recognizing this, we’ve designed a range of programs tailored to meet specific needs:

Puppy Head Start Program: A Positive Start for Your Puppy

Perfect for the little furballs who are just starting to understand the world around them. This Puppy Head Start Program  program focuses on shaping those initial behaviors positively. From mastering the art of potty training to inculcating basic obedience, our trainers ensure your puppy gets the best start in their lifelong journey.

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dogs being professionally trained

Advanced Obedience:

Spanning over two intensive weeks, our Advanced Obedience Program isn’t just about teaching the basics. It’s about ensuring those basics stick, even in high-distraction environments. Confidence building, impulse control, and cultivating a sense of discipline form the cornerstone of this course. By the end of it, not only will your dog heed your command in the quiet of your home, but also in a bustling park or a noisy street.

Anxiety and Aggression Management programs

For dogs who show signs of distress, anxiety, or aggression, we offer specialized three-week programs to address and manage these challenges.

Anxiety Management: Delving deep to find the root cause, our trainers utilize clear communication, coupled with structured obedience, to help your dog overcome anxiety.

Aggression Management: Through obedience training and strong reinforcement methods, we guide dogs in curbing aggressive tendencies, ensuring they become more sociable and less threatening in triggering situations.




dog anxiety and aggression training

We Also Offer Private Lessons!

For individuals seeking a bespoke training experience, our Private Lessons provide the answer. Engage in one-on-one sessions designed specifically for your pet’s unique needs. Our seasoned trainers partner with you, ensuring that every specific challenge is met with expertise and dedication.

 What Are The Benefits of a Board & Train Program?

In an age where time is of the essence and quality is paramount, the advantages of Board & Train are multifold:

Behavioral Training:

Beyond simple commands, our program dives deep into rectifying behavioral issues. Whether it’s curbing aggressive tendencies, managing separation anxiety, or addressing excessive barking, our experienced trainers use positive reinforcement techniques combined with a balanced training approach. The result? Dogs that not only follow commands but are also emotionally balanced and happy.


Just like humans, dogs too need to interact and understand the world around them. Proper socialization isn’t just about letting your dog meet others; it’s about ensuring those interactions are positive. Our program offers supervised socialization experiences, exposing dogs to varied environments, textures, and situations. We aim to train dogs to remain neutral – or even friendly – towards unfamiliar faces and environments, creating well-adjusted companions for life.

Practice and Convenience:

Life’s commitments often make consistent training a challenge for many pet owners. Our Board & Train approach alleviates this problem. While you’re attending to your busy schedule, your pet is under the care of professional trainers, learning and practicing essential skills. It’s not just about convenience; it’s about ensuring your furry friend gets the consistent training they deserve.

Blackheart K9’s Approach to Boarding & Training:

What sets Blackheart K9 apart in the vast world of dog training? It’s our unique approach and unwavering commitment to both canine and owner:

Tailored Programs:

Recognizing the individuality of each dog, we’ve curated options to suit every unique need. From playful puppies to anxious adults, there’s a program tailored for everyone.

Professional Trainers:

Experience, passion, and expertise define our trainers. With years of hands-on experience with various breeds and temperaments, each dog gets the personalized attention it deserves.

Transparent Communication:

A pet is a family. And like any family member’s well-being, pet owners deserve to stay updated about their dog’s progress. From initial consultation to program completion, we ensure open lines of communication, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

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