Pet Obedience Packages

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Lessons: Board & Train | Puppy | Basic Obedience | Advanced Obedience | Aggression/Anxiety Management

2 Week Board & Train

Our two week board and train is a very extensive high tempo obedience program specifically designed to not just teach your dog basic obedience, but to solidify it through high distraction levels in several environments, cultivating confidence, and managing impulse control. We believe so highly in our balanced training methods that we offer a lifetime guarantee for any dog that graduates from this program.

Puppy Training

Who doesn’t love puppies?! At Blackheart K9 Services we LOVE puppies , and in this 1-2 week program (time based on your desired goals) we will not only work on shaping positive behaviors such as the foundations that will lead to quality basic obedience, but we will also focus on the dreaded Potty training! As well, your puppy will have environmental exposure so they can enjoy going everywhere with you! Ages from 8-16 weeks old is the best time to take advantage of this program. “But my puppy is beyond that age”. No worries, as long as your puppy is under 6 months old, this is still a fantastic program to set your young dog down the right path to live that better quality of life with you!

Aggression Anxiety Management

Is your furry best friend over reactive to strangers or other dogs? Or maybe they’ve developed social anxiety or separation anxiety? We can help. In our three week Anxiety/Aggression program, we’ll get to the root of the problem, and manage the behavior through fair, clear and concise communication, while holding the dog accountable with the structure of obedience. We’ll help you get your friend back they way you knew them.